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General Inquiries

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Sales & Marketing Staff

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Erin Madden, Director of Sales  - Ext 130
Terri Gamble, National Sales Manager and Development Director for WFCC – Ext 136

Melinda Baker
, Sales Operations Manager – Ext 131

Judy Crocker, Senior Marketing Consultant – Ext 129
Bettie Garrison, Marketing Consultant – Ext 128
Devan Antanian, Marketing Consultant – Ext 122
Georgianna Leonard, Marketing Consultant – Ext 121
Maggie Rosendale, Marketing Consultant – Ext 127
Michelle Resendes, Marketing Consultant – Ext 126
Todd Koep, Marketing Consultant – Ext 125

Samantha Hendy, Promotions Assistant – Ext 137

Public Service Announcements

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News Staff

Call 508-771-1224

Need to contact the News department? Please e-mail:

Laura Reckford, News Director – Ext 104
Rob Woodard
, News Reporter – Ext 104
Jay Grandmont, News Reporter – Ext 104
Jay Rogers, News Reporter – Ext 104
Matthew McCarthy, News Reporter – Ext 104
Brian Merchant, News Reporter – Ext 104
Dave Read, Weather Forecaster – Ext 105

On-Air Personalities

Wayne White, Programming/Operations Manager

Karen Blake, WQRC Air Talent
Donna Credit, WOCN Air Talent
Lady D, WQRC Air Talent
Sean Doherty, WQRC Air Talent
Larry King, WFCC Air Talent
Steve Marcus, WKPE Air Talent
Ralphie Marino, WKPE Air Talent
Steve Murphy, WFCC Air Talent
Cheryl Park, WQRC Air Talent
Chuck Perks, WQRC Air Talent
Dave Read, WOCN Air Talent
Ryan Seacrest, Air Talent – American Top 40
Don Spencer, WFCC Air Talent
Dave Myers, Production Director

Engineering Staff

Skip Comeau, Engineer
Steve Hall, Engineer

Administrative Staff

Irene Brittain, Office Manager
Dennis Hanley, Chief Financial Officer
Nancy Burris, Receptionist
Charlene Reynar, Receptionist
Elaine Twomey, Traffic Director – Ext 116
Donna Credit, Traffic – Ext 116
Brian Barth, Manager of Digital Strategy
Jean M. Kourafas, Manager of Online Services and Interactive Media – Ext 124
Jerry McKennaDirector of Programming – Ext 103
Beverly Tilden, General Manager
Gregory D. Bone, General Partner